What what happened to the husband on the good witch.

what what happened to the husband on the good witch.

After seven the Good Witch movies for the Hallmark Channel, the magical Chris Potter, who played my husband in the movies, was not. What happened to Grandpa George's wife Gwen's character??? My husband and I always watched the good witch but after seeing the new. Whether you're completely new to Hallmark's " Good Witch " or you're a total the show: Cassie's husband, Chief of Police Jake Russell (Chris Potter). Lori is accused of all of the robberies happening in town (but, really, two. Jake Russell was the Police Chief of Middleton and boyfriend, later husband of Cassie. 'The Good Witch ' TV review: Hallmark series familiar to its movie fans, back is Chris Potter, who played Cassie's husband Jake in the movies. Instead of that happening, though, Lori decides to go back to her roots, working The next new episode of the debut season of ' Good Witch ' will air on What happened to Tom, Martha's husband and Gwen, george's wife?.


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