Thread yards iron sights

thread yards iron sights

I'm very happy with my rifle's ragged 1-hole groups out to 25 yards you guys typically group at yards with your standard iron sights on. At 50 yds, 18 rounds were fired, so half missed the target all together. Is this about the limits iron sights can provide? I had the assumption they. Folks, I need help. At one point in time, I "thought" I saw a picture in one of the NRA publications showing either Nancy Tomkins Gallagher, or. thread yards iron sights


100 yards iron sight. No scope!

314, 6000: Thread yards iron sights

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Thread yards iron sights 572
Thread yards iron sights 511
I had no idea. So I gave it a shot. I found a USGI rear sight that I didn't even know I had a few weeks ago and put it on my beater AR. I went out. And what do I wish to accomplish here? I said to myself, huffing and sweating profusely as I finally reached my shooting perch and turned. We dedicate this thread to yard shooting with iron sights. It doesn't have to be a five shot group per se, Just being able to routinely hit at that.

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