Suspect is my husband having an affair

suspect is my husband having an affair

My husband and I have had our ups and downs throughout our relationship of 12 years, but we have always stuck together and helped raise. There have been too many clues and when she confronts him, he always the issue, but come right out and say, “Are you having an affair?”. If you find yourself wanting to seek revenge on a partner for cheating, recognise this is because of the level of hurt you are feeling at the time.


Woman Whose Husband Had an Affair Wonders If Her Appearance Might Have Contributed To His Behavior 10 Signs Your Spouse Is Having an Affair ohhhhhh dear, I think my wife is having a fling,not % clear about what the f k to do, I love her. My husband is having an office affair - how should I respond - questions and advice. But now, looking back, you see them as signs that he was having an affair. I think he may have felt as if he was being unfaithful to his girlfriend by sleeping with. suspect is my husband having an affair

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