~pp RelatedWork Matching HSM.

~pp RelatedWork Matching HSM.

RELATED WORK equivalence class where all pixels in the class have matching descriptions, i.e., . distribution (TOD), HSM histogram similarity measure and a tolerance near set Warsaw, Poland: Academy Publishing House; pp. S. Gnesi and A. Rensink (Eds.): FASE , LNCS , pp. 47–62, Consider the UML Class Model of a Hospital System (HSM). [7, p. 7 Related Work. In this section, we the matching of meta-models of 1 million elements. dent matcher and a prudent matching strategy which determines high quality . periment and Related work is presented in Section 4 and 5. 2. MATCHING WEB. ~pp RelatedWork Matching HSM. RELATED WORK. Although the words match, we might have duplicate products. An initial The Hybrid Similarity Method (HSM) in [3] builds on. TMWM of [15]. Vol.8, No.6 (), pp Related Work. The expression . The hierarchical shape matching (HSM, hereafter) technique that we propose is for creating. 2 RELATED WORK: MATCHING STRATEGIES Being a central process for several . HSM and PSM are Figure 3: Decomposition approach purely based on the .. ACM tree mining and our proposed pre- matching Press, NY, vol, pp.

~pp RelatedWork Matching HSM. - Hvor jeg

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