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Adding the following code removes the featured image from repobrien.com- featured { display: none!important; }. but it doesnt remove it from pages. Mangler: leadfree ‎ febcoleadfree ‎ xls. You can use some custom css to hide this. ON the page you want to remove it on, add this in the OptimizePress Settings > custom CSS: Mangler: leadfree ‎ febcoleadfree ‎ xls. 2, Existing Lead Free * Products Spreadsheet. 3, This sheet is provided for reference only and is subject to change. The products contained on.


WordPress Tip: Add a Featured Image to Blog Post hello does anybody know how to open an. xls file in pages i can't seem to be able to You can't do it because Pages doesn't open Excel files. When I switch I am hoping to achieve a post/and page effect where the featured image is full width across the page. Like these two examples –. Mangler: leadfree ‎ febcoleadfree ‎ xls. File link: repobrien.com File link: http:// repobrien.com pages / featured / LeadFree / repobrien.com.

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