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(If the text is not marked, it is assumed that it is said by the priest.) 7. S. Said by the server. 8. (proper) These parts of the Mass change throughout the year. there must also be evidence of the first stirrings of repentance and a start to the .. The texts of these Masses may be used even when Christian initiation is. Text. Paul, Bishop Servant of the Servants of God for an Everlasting Memorial ordering the revision of "both the ceremonies and texts " of the ordination rites. [2].


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The "scrutinies," which are celebrated solemnly on Sundays. Finally, where the nullity of the marriage bond is not declared and objective circumstances make it impossible to cease cohabitation, the Church encourages these members of the faithful to commit themselves to living their relationship in fidelity to the demands of God's law, as friends, as brother and sister; in this way they will be able to return to the table of the Eucharist, taking care to observe the Church's established and approved practice in this regard.

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