Dress like the locals

dress like the locals

This will help you avoid causing offense to locals or becoming a target to thieves. . For one, look like you know what you're doing and where you're going, even. It's often suggested that you dress like a local when you travel - but it's not always wise. Find out when you can - and when you shouldn't. Any shoes that don't look like they were meant for exercise will suffice. In tropical climes, keep in mind that local modes of dress may still be less casual than.



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Romantic Hotels in Mexico City. This may be an easier alternative. Long scarves are a typical addition to outfits during colder temperatures, and a pair of brown derbies or black oxfords makes for a stylish look. Women: Patterned tunic dresses, v-neck tees or tank-tops, skinny jeans, long skirts and oversized sunglasses Footwear: Gladiator sandals, street sneakers, or heels. Instead, wear comfortable leather walking shoes in the city, and keep them polished and in good shape. I love to pack SUPER light, then buy clothes when I hit the continent. dress like the locals

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Safest area to stay if venturing out at night. Sean O' July 14, at am. In some countries, merely saying "excuse me," "I'm sorry" or "Please" will mark you as a tourist. Also, head scarves or coverings are required in some religious establishments.

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