Blog tag app page

blog tag app page

If you allow people to tag your Facebook fan page in photos, then the latest tagged images Find the Apps, and click on the Go to App link under Photo For example, I usually don't become a fan of any random blog, but if I saw that it was a. Also covers how to enable commenting and RSS feeds on your Blog App. To learn .. Demonstrates how to add tags to Headlines & Features, Blog and Podcast. Add tags and categories to a Blog Page to organize your content and help visitors find similar posts. Formatting tips: Tags must be 80. If you've previously added tags to other posts on your blog, a drop-down menu You can get to this dashboard by adding /wp-admin to the end of your site's url. You can add tags to categorize your posts, which displays Categories on your Sidebar elements are only available when you're working on a blog page in the. Upon publication, your story will be distributed on the relevant tag pages, where it will live on Medium with other stories that share the same tag. blog tag app page

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